“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” ― Sylvia Plath



Singles Jingle (#involuntary singles)

Okay, so if there is one time of year when you truly realise how single you are it is most definitely this month. February. Don’t be silly,don’t tap your ears. I did say February! The most dreaded time of the year for singles.

The instances of making you feel single starts from 31st December by putting ‘stag’ & ‘couple’ entry as a barrier and charging more for the stag entry. Somehow you manage to pull off the situation by sipping in Tuborg or Royal Stag with the singles you find there. Then you try hitting on girls under the covet of being drunk. But then the devil laughs at you. The girl you were trying to get attention of is already consumed in talk with your charming friend,whose professional conversational skills speaks more than your charming face. In the end you get dozed off on the dance floor saying,”Bhai ne dhoka dedia”.

You’re not over from the hangover yet and here comes another missile in the form of notification. You’re constantly nagged by the notification of last night uploads of couples getting cosy under the trance of dance music, gleaming disco balls and laser lights. There is also a picture of the friend who betrayed you and posted his picture with that girl gang you were pounding your eyes upon. God’s swear! It feels like squeezing them ,instead of lemon,to make a portion to become sober.

Then there are them who puts caption such as,” My world, My baby, My year starts with you & ends with you.”Bullshit!
It’s not even been 2 months of their commitment and their partners become their #soulmates #world. These idiots are the ones because of whom the gifts shops like Archies survive. And they’ll be seen shredding tears on your lap when that s/o or d/o a gun will transfer that gift to their manicorn.

That being said the current month is a season of wedding. Oh bro! Already the weather is on its full swing to change into summers, manipulating your testosterone and oestrogen hormone levels, making you a bit amorous, you are tend to attend the functions by your parents. Whereby you almost complete your century of making crushes in one day by seeing the opposite sex dressed up in ethnic outfits. And in case of boys, they dieheartedly fall in love watching girls adjust their lehanga or pallu while eating pani puri.
Unfortunately you just return back home with a feeling of being a professional single and search the venue’s google location,so as to find the crushes you just made which ultimately gets crushed when you couldn’t find them.

The story doesn’t end here. The month is January only known as a month of birthdays. There is always a friend in a group whose birthday falls in January. You are being invited in the party and what you notice is that,there are cute couples (birthday boy’s friend)taking pictures with your birthday boy and posting it with the hashtag “#couplegoals”. They’ll also hand over you the camera to take their picture as you’re the photographer guy who always gets friendzoned but become their best friend in such events.

You’re like WTF! “Couples couples everywhere, but my soul mate is nowhere
“. I’ll not discern such encounters and focus on patriotism as Republic Day is on its verge to come. You start taking interest in school’s cultural events but life doesn’t stop from taking troll on you. You notice puppy love budding up in the name of practices and celebrating their romance in ‘khopchas’ of your school or in rehersal halls by bunking classes. Meanwhile the established couples beg that guy in the class whose house is always empty as his parents are of working class. So in the name of dance practice they do something else’s practice. Ahem ! Ahem!

Ghosh man! The love month hasn’t even started and their temptations are in upsurge. Now you’re completely pissed off from this”hutiyapa” and you start to focus on Exams as pre-boards or annual exams are about to commence. But you guys belongs to the digital era, how come you’ll stop yourself to keep your hands away from the social media apps. And as you login to the apps, you’re flooded with the ‘MEMES’ and ‘write-ups’ which leaves no stone unturned to assert you that BRO! YOU’RE WORLD CLASS SINGLE and go solo to satisfy your needs or else die in a waterpot.

Life gets harder than you go at night.:p
Now you cover up this single pain by putting up stories such as ,”Twinkle twinkle little star, singles are superstars”, or you’ll show the calculations of the amount of money you’re going to save by remaining single which is a pretence of being happy anti your lonliness.

I haven’t even started the description of February month and you already seems to be retiring from reminiscing such encounters you might had. Right?I guess then, we’ll discuss the further part in a next post. Till then embrace your single life by following “Sakht Launda” and swiping right on Tinder.

Don’t forget to mention such encounter of yours in comments and do tag your buddy’s who belongs to the single club.



Maybe I’m always available to you is making my worth dwindle.
Maybe a day will come when you’ll be surrounded by many and I’ll perish.You’ll rejoice the extra attention but regret our ending decision.
Maybe you find a friend in everyone but won’t be able to figure out the foe in that disguise
Maybe you’ll just crave for the one you once had.
Maybe your tears apart from your eyes crying over the part from which you decided to depart.
And maybe the day when you realise all this I’ll already be someone else’s part.
Just hold on these special person’s tight,

So that you don’t have to cry the whole night.

The one who is right,

Shouldn’t escape from your sight.

Don’t find that special one in someone new,

Search in the old and existing

 the gold ones,

Because these persons only come in few.


My Pledge

​Maybe at this point of time,

Life’s looking down upon me.

But I’ll fight for my fate

So as to,let the God bestow some mercy on me.

Not due to empathy but consistent efforts.

I’m on my way.

The ones in my way are more than welcomed.

Let your small assess have their places on my path

And clean the filth in front.

Criticizing mouths are also welcomed,

But rather than condemning you all,

I’ll give you an advice that we all are traveling in 

Our time zones with our own pace.

So let it be.

Live your life.

Appreciate the ones who are there in your grief

and are giving you relief.

Also appreciate the criticizers,as they keep you 

Motivated if you perceive it as so.

Just keep a winning attitude,

Even if you are mentally retarded and demotivated,

Just write or recall that you can and you will do it.

Writing positive fits it in your subconscious mind,

And prepare you mentally.

So repeat if you want to make it big someday.

I can.

And I will.

God!Are you even up there?

God gives me so much of pain,

Physically and mentally that,

It makes me vulnerable to self harm till the

Suicidal thoughts come in place.

After which I start pondering over the existence of the god. At First I fear from God and deter any ill words against him inside my soul. On the other hand,simultaneously,some negative words starts budding inside my mind against him.

I cringe to buzz off these voice-overs but they do not tend to leave until I start shedding tears.

Let me brief you something about the musings that goes inside my head in this abyss.I know why I fear ill words against him.Because conventional parenting has inhabited such customs in me which does not let me speak anything bad to god otherwise I would be consistently and continuously be discomforted by the almighty through the tick and tricks from inside his duffel. As per the traditional notions any ill intention against him will destroy us completely.

I don’t believe in this. If there’s any power named God, I think he would be mature enough to let his preacher’s mistakes go. He might have bigger fishers to fry rather than being involved in a punishment game like teachers play in school. He should rather be putting hault on crimes,make a public beneficiary government, eradicate poverty,stop sexual assault,end someone’s health misery,and stop anything determinant to good humans and animals well being,in my opinion.

The other thing which is going inside my head is a lead to the knowledge prompted by reading self-help books which says that there is just one god that is you,believe in power of faith,your subconscious mind is the key to achieve everything and all that about self realization. In simple words,my mind doesn’t believe in God some times and these voices starts taking over when I’m really frustrated and blame GOD for everything bad happening to me.


Message from Music lovers

Sometimes its very difficult to communicate,the people over Internet,the surge of happy emotions emerging in our head from listening to a song,esp. if it’s a love song.The wizards of words can easily get across their feeling by flaunting their rich vocab but,as a normal being,we post the song’s lyrics on our social media accounts to share the joy we are experiencing then.And as humans have natural inclination towards negative aspects,they mistake the lyrics as we have hots for someone or we have fallen in a puppy-love.

Let me remind you guys that’s not always the case.The actual cause of our bliss is the groovy upbeats structured in a music of that song which not only uplift the lyrics’s underlying emotions but also pump up the Heartbeats and touches our soul.

#MUSICLOVERS have an affinity towards the lush sounds present in the Music.Seldom there’s a person behind this feeling.So please stop misinterpreting the love for music as a love for lust from now on.

We are living in a 21st century,please be mature and rise above the stuffs and nonsense filled in your head.We all have bigger fishes to fry than putting our head over heels.


Introvert say on trust

Never trust anyone,whether it’s your bff,friend,partner,colleague or any fellow in your group.Nowadays people have become hypocrite.They don’t mean what they say.I mean why do you give someone a false hope,when in the end your actions are going to be overturned.Its ridiculous.Generalising this idea onto everyone may seem harsh or offensive but you’ve to accept it.But you’ll obviously disaccord with this statement untill someone has turned their back on you.Many people will also say,its not like, if you’ve been cheated by someone at any point of your life or your trust was broken by the close one’s,you prejudice a negative image for everyone.And that’s true also to many extent.But for an introvert the case is different.
They value people,they value their words.So it’s hard for them.So they resort to a nice place to comfy,away from the negative vibes that dwell within the surrounding people, in solitude.Sitting in the corner with a phone in hands,listening music,watching every activity of their social media friends,inquisitive to talk to someone but scared of the consequence they may face later if they create a bonding.They drop that idea and then logout. They stay away from the affection that they somewhere long.As they know the agony of expections.So should everyone.


​I’ll get back at the world,

I considered as Mine.

As there remain no people,

Who once made my world shine.

I felt loved when I was in their count,

But they made me realise I was just an avenue to

Kill time.

Its true that there lies a piece in solace.

Yet it becomes pain in the ass to be there,

When there are no other choices.

Certainly,to be left alone was not out of my choice,

It was my only option left.

Time and Tide wait for none

And it’s inside me,the hooligan 

Who don’t want to be shun.

And it’s me caught up between benevolence & spite,

Hurt up to the eternity,

Yet finding way to define how much

I want all of ’em back to justify.

Its a side-effect of the fervent feelings dig deep inside,

That this bug is not letting the retrospection fly.

Clueless as to say whether I want to babble about 

How I miss those Betrayers who abandoned me 

Or about an internal rage that is budding inside me against

the affection & ardent feeling that comes my way through

Any new way.

In our 20’s (#1)

    Its a complete debacle whereby you are deprived of words and thoughts.There’s an urge to spill out the pain you’re experiencing but can’t figure out what’s exactly going around. You cringe like you’re psyche is being slaughtered.The reason for which is always clueless.Whether you sit in tranquility of the nature,which is broken by the hustle of breeze, or you lie under the blanket in your comfy zone at home.

      You start scrolling down your smart phones in the hope of finding a comrade you can talk to but they aren’t really smart enough to provide you with a amicable being with whom you can share all your worries.The reason of the poignant adrenaline can be an absence of peers, whom you used to know.As they were the keeper of your secrets,your derivatives of consolation and the source of eternal bliss in your good and bad times.

        But now their demeanor towards you has changed.They are busy hustling and grinding with their new mates at new location leaving behind the old ones.They are so busy running in the rat race that they forgot about the “brotherhood” we used to share,the “bond” which was more than of a family and the “promises” we exchanged in our friendships.

          It evokes nostalgia and leaves you with glistening eyes when you realize that once these contacts used to be a part of your real life rather than of virtual.But now they have fallen apart. You used to take pictures together tagging each other as BFF’S. The trend still prevails but just the people in the pictures have changed.

            Sometimes the flashback of the time spent together kicks in so hard that it generates an immediate need to get in touch with the person.Although communication never become a barricade as the tech has made our world very handy.Yet,what scotch us sometimes can be an ego issue or a particular mindset .

              Let me elaborate it, ego issue becomes a problem when the person you miss never takes any efforts on his part to get in touch with you and is always busy wandering off with his mundane life.Okay I agree that they are buckled down to a lot of work as they are in different cities coping with new people and new lifestyle but com’on when you can spend a ton of time on your social networks then you can spare a little bit time for the ones who are your real well-wishers. In this case, I think we’ll think twice if their behavior still continues to be the same.Don’t know about you all , but I have done this and I guess its a natural human tendency. I mean who wants to get neglected quotidian.

                The later issue was mindset or some perception emerging in our mischievous mind.Sometimes when we care a lot or let me say when we overthink a lot, this muse takes over our urge to communicate them.Its usually in case of ones who think that there life confines a lot of troubles which if shared every-time with friends may get irksome. So they avoid the situations and not let their friends know anything about what they are going through.Further,they also think that their friends are already having a hard time coping with everything new so they let their tensions submerge and go with the flow.

                  Whatever the case may be but almost all of us go through this problem in our 20’s or maybe even in teens when we are apart from home in different colleges or cities.Though people make new friends and build the trust and bond in new friendship again, yet even the most extroverts might not get easily gelled up with the new people.As there is always a hesitation of being caught up in a conspiracy from new fellows because somewhere we all know that in this age people are unpredictable and there can be a foe in camouflage of a friend around you. Who knows?.Contrastingly when we were in our childhood we knew who was a threat and who wasn’t as we grew up with them and have spent a lot of years canvassing each other’s character.
                  Now think what might be the case of an Introvert? They can’t get a wink of a sleep as they are always tensed about being in a solace.Their PAIN , I must tell you is irresistible.As I myself is an introvert, I know exactly how it feels like.You are left with no friends ,the left ones are least interested in talking to you and the gone ones doesn’t have sufficient time or they have moved ahead in their life. Its a bane of introvert life.Being in a solitude eats up the mind and harbor a shelter for negativity .

                  Breaking off my words, I just want to tell you friends that please if you have gone through these situations or your friends are going through these situations then please bring a change.Just ping up or give a phone call to your childhood friend,or school friend or a neighborhood friend. It’ll make their day.Just show some concern for them and then see the magic.You’ll be shocked by the abundant of love you are gonna receive in return.

                  P.S : Comment down about your views on this and share your experience after contacting with your old friends.

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