Sometimes its very difficult to communicate,the people over Internet,the surge of happy emotions emerging in our head from listening to a song,esp. if it’s a love song.The wizards of words can easily get across their feeling by flaunting their rich vocab but,as a normal being,we post the song’s lyrics on our social media accounts to share the joy we are experiencing then.And as humans have natural inclination towards negative aspects,they mistake the lyrics as we have hots for someone or we have fallen in a puppy-love.

Let me remind you guys that’s not always the case.The actual cause of our bliss is the groovy upbeats structured in a music of that song which not only uplift the lyrics’s underlying emotions but also pump up the Heartbeats and touches our soul.

#MUSICLOVERS have an affinity towards the lush sounds present in the Music.Seldom there’s a person behind this feeling.So please stop misinterpreting the love for music as a love for lust from now on.

We are living in a 21st century,please be mature and rise above the stuffs and nonsense filled in your head.We all have bigger fishes to fry than putting our head over heels.