Its a complete debacle whereby you are deprived of words and thoughts.There’s an urge to spill out the pain you’re experiencing but can’t figure out what’s exactly going around. You cringe like you’re psyche is being slaughtered.The reason for which is always clueless.Whether you sit in tranquility of the nature,which is broken by the hustle of breeze, or you lie under the blanket in your comfy zone at home.

      You start scrolling down your smart phones in the hope of finding a comrade you can talk to but they aren’t really smart enough to provide you with a amicable being with whom you can share all your worries.The reason of the poignant adrenaline can be an absence of peers, whom you used to know.As they were the keeper of your secrets,your derivatives of consolation and the source of eternal bliss in your good and bad times.

        But now their demeanor towards you has changed.They are busy hustling and grinding with their new mates at new location leaving behind the old ones.They are so busy running in the rat race that they forgot about the “brotherhood” we used to share,the “bond” which was more than of a family and the “promises” we exchanged in our friendships.

          It evokes nostalgia and leaves you with glistening eyes when you realize that once these contacts used to be a part of your real life rather than of virtual.But now they have fallen apart. You used to take pictures together tagging each other as BFF’S. The trend still prevails but just the people in the pictures have changed.

            Sometimes the flashback of the time spent together kicks in so hard that it generates an immediate need to get in touch with the person.Although communication never become a barricade as the tech has made our world very handy.Yet,what scotch us sometimes can be an ego issue or a particular mindset .

              Let me elaborate it, ego issue becomes a problem when the person you miss never takes any efforts on his part to get in touch with you and is always busy wandering off with his mundane life.Okay I agree that they are buckled down to a lot of work as they are in different cities coping with new people and new lifestyle but com’on when you can spend a ton of time on your social networks then you can spare a little bit time for the ones who are your real well-wishers. In this case, I think we’ll think twice if their behavior still continues to be the same.Don’t know about you all , but I have done this and I guess its a natural human tendency. I mean who wants to get neglected quotidian.

                The later issue was mindset or some perception emerging in our mischievous mind.Sometimes when we care a lot or let me say when we overthink a lot, this muse takes over our urge to communicate them.Its usually in case of ones who think that there life confines a lot of troubles which if shared every-time with friends may get irksome. So they avoid the situations and not let their friends know anything about what they are going through.Further,they also think that their friends are already having a hard time coping with everything new so they let their tensions submerge and go with the flow.

                  Whatever the case may be but almost all of us go through this problem in our 20’s or maybe even in teens when we are apart from home in different colleges or cities.Though people make new friends and build the trust and bond in new friendship again, yet even the most extroverts might not get easily gelled up with the new people.As there is always a hesitation of being caught up in a conspiracy from new fellows because somewhere we all know that in this age people are unpredictable and there can be a foe in camouflage of a friend around you. Who knows?.Contrastingly when we were in our childhood we knew who was a threat and who wasn’t as we grew up with them and have spent a lot of years canvassing each other’s character.
                  Now think what might be the case of an Introvert? They can’t get a wink of a sleep as they are always tensed about being in a solace.Their PAIN , I must tell you is irresistible.As I myself is an introvert, I know exactly how it feels like.You are left with no friends ,the left ones are least interested in talking to you and the gone ones doesn’t have sufficient time or they have moved ahead in their life. Its a bane of introvert life.Being in a solitude eats up the mind and harbor a shelter for negativity .

                  Breaking off my words, I just want to tell you friends that please if you have gone through these situations or your friends are going through these situations then please bring a change.Just ping up or give a phone call to your childhood friend,or school friend or a neighborhood friend. It’ll make their day.Just show some concern for them and then see the magic.You’ll be shocked by the abundant of love you are gonna receive in return.

                  P.S : Comment down about your views on this and share your experience after contacting with your old friends.