An Eye though black and white it is,
But it can show dynamic range of colours.
Child’s eyes shows innocence,
Teenager’s eyes shows confusion,
Adult’s eyes shows expectations for a bright future,
And Old eyes are blend of all ages disposition.
Some of ’em can catch a sight,
other one’s don’t even matters.
Some of ’em portray’s aurora’s shine,
other one’s shows the tenebrous side.
Some of ’em have seen the whole world in time,
others are still searching the path to time.
Some shed tears to get devoid of subjection,
others eyes burn with rage to do something
to do the same.
Some eyes glistens after the teardrops in silence
which can heart to heart connect their deep emotions.
Some can see beyond the world without sight in their eyes,
while some are still caught in the society’s conventions.
Some eyes can make you fall in love
some opprobrious eyes can make you hate everyone.
Being a teenager my eyes crave for an eden mind.
I can’t even spill out the frustration inside
to curb myself from committing a crime.
At this age we can just glare,
making a loud blare in the mind
and yearn for good times.
This is just a synopsis an eyes can depict.