I am not rich

I haven’t got heavy pocket
I don’t ride a Bike too
Cuz I haven’t yet got one.
Lets go for a coffee?
Yes I can offer you that,
But it won’t be at CCD.
Oh wow its your birthday,
Your present ?
Its here in this bag.
Nah No jewels lies in there.
Now its my birthday,
Ohh so expensive gift.
Thanks,that’s all I can say.
The special day will arrive
Perhaps you got me Levis,
I can only be saying its nice.
So what’s that I can give?
I can give you my words,
Words to stay by your side
At every moment of life.
Oh what about the coffee?
Yes I will make one as sweet as YOU.
What’s next?Gift yeah
I can give that too.
It might not cost a tons of pennies
But it will have my Feelings,
which matters the most.
The special day
How will I forget that
I will reckon you with my
eternal LOVE for YOU which will never go ephemeral.
I wont promise you to treat you as
Princess,cuz you will be
My QUEEN by then,
whose empire will be my heart.
That’s not all sweetheart
I’ll give you all happiness that you
got amidst your life.
That’s all I say to you
my LOVE.