“Tell me,do you want to have a breakup?” she asked.

I wonder should I be happy or should I be sad.I mean this was the day I have been waiting since a long time.It has arrived.But why I am escaping from the situation now.I don’t know why I was waiting but I did.Is the feeling of Love has gone? or Am I the one who wants to get it over.The time stopped for me and the whole flashback of our story reeled in my mind like a movie tape.

“Hello! Are you listening?”.My thoughts were interrupted by her loud blare of words.Then I decided to tell her the truth by now.I have to do that.Now or never.

I spilled my words to her as rapidly as the Rajdhani express.”Look,I love you and that’s the fact.But we can’t live together anymore.So now its over.My mother doesn’t like you from the day I first introduced you to her.I thought I would change her mind about you but I failed.And now I am tired of trying.My patience is also on the verge.”

“Husssshhh”,I took a sigh of relief.Back in my mind some curiosity was barging in.Like,Do I had to given her an explanation?Have I ever tried to make up my mothers mind?Do I ever wanted to have marriage with her?.I think back then I did.But now everything has changed.

An outburst of a loud cry gushed out of her eyes.Her agony was at an apex.Indeed she was the girl who mean me a lot,back then.But now look at me now,do I look repercuss.Not at all.I am standing in front of her emotionless.WHY?its the biggest question irking my mind.Why doesn’t I feel the same as before.

“You bugger head,you used me.How many girls have you ditched till date.What’s my number.You are more brutal than the hitler.”She fluxed into emotions and said her words in a poetic way.

“If you wanted to use me as a Toy
Then why did you gave me life’s every joy.
Care was the only thing you gave,
now why giving me this grief’s grave.
You only nursed me with high spirits,
that’s why your sudden ditch is making me
fall in the pits.”

“You betrayed me.I should have cursed you but I won’t do that.I can’t forget that you gave me the sweetest memories of life time.And I still love you and will do forever.Besides embarrassing you with abusing words,I will wish you luck in your life.Stay blessed.Bye forever.”

I was dumbstruck by her words.It hurted me like a sharp trident.After then she blocked me from everywhere.I didn’t got a single chance to give her any explanation.But why should I care?She is no one to me now.Why I am feeling guilty?Is it because I broke her heart.But she seems so happy after the breakup.I think she never valued our relation that’s why she feels no pain.Her status portray sadness but is it real or is it reel?

INFATUATION or LOVE it was,the only thought that prevail on my mind.