Her grace,her charm.

My Mind is not staying calm.

The way she DANCE,she MOVES,she GROOVES.

Make my heart beat pounding like a bruise.

Her laughs Her giggles

Is an addition to the Delight.

She Lives her life to the fullest,

Beyond the pitfalls and the bullets.

She drink she drives but limits her size.

She loves to enjoy,to party,to prank.

But wait that’s not exclusive for One in all.

Her carefree nature makes everyone’s mood jolly.

That’s why people loves her company.

But wait why am i thinking about her a lot.

Am I upset because of her?

Am I depressed because of her?

NO,I don’t think so

But then why my heart is aching?

Why my soul is shaking

IS it, because she giggles with all.

Is it because I sound boring to her.

IS it because everyone can make her laugh,

And I am only the STUPID one.

PERHAPS,I think its because of the jealousy from them,

who are a great company to her,

Who makes her smile,

Who makes her life,


Or Am I FEELING for her.

Whatever the emotion is,

Girl,I always wanna see a curve in your smile.

You,taking care of mine.

Not as Boyfriend but just as a Friend.

I am not desperate,I am not flirty

Nor am I having any bad intentions.

But yes I am envy of all,

All who are around you,

And wants to join be a part of your life.

And I know you like someone,

Someone who is your ONE.

And that’s where my crush got crushed,

And the destiny put all my efforts truss.