All are busy in their lives.Some in their relations,some in their friend circles,some in their Lifestyles,some in pomp & show ,some in career,or in any other hectic activities.But wait! who cares for HIM?who is all alone, a middle class boy with solace feeling,but with a pure soul,talent & adept.He try to make new friends,but no one does friendship with him.And why will he be given a damn fuck ??cuz he is not even having class,No proper accommodation,no branded clothes,no Rayban,no fastrack,no harley,no prestigous thing.So,if this is the reason, you think that he is not of your type and he will mark down your status level in the society.Then you are completely WRONG.

Owing to this fact,seriously he is not your kind of stuff. Unlike you,he is not fake.He is above you.He might not have class,but he is classy in his own way.He is calm,kind,having patience, soft heartened nature,serving needy humans,society,animals as well as his fellow mates with humanity in his heart.He might not buy class but he can create it.Although class is not what we recognize it as.Class is not about money,its about strong sense of social mobility and Individualism.Rich brats can buy a class but can never Earn it.

He also want Love.But he can’t get it.Why?because he can’t afford it?he cant buy you a CCD coffee,he can’t buy you a pvr ticket,he cant get you a diamond ring,or cuz he brings disgrace to your well-off friends group?REALLY,this what you consider,LOVE is all about?If it is so,then you are not having LOVE, you are just with a “Hen that lays golden eggs”.

Remember one thing,Find these kind of teenagers and make them your friends.Never loose them,they are precious gems.You will regret in future when you will be buzzing here and there to earn each and every penny,which you never gave value back in the past,as they were all your father’s earnings and they will be flourishing with an immense success.No one will accompany you if you won’t possess any wealth.In that poignant situation you will need an emotional support,which you will never get from the FAKE friends whom you considered as your BFFs back then.

But they,whom you never gave value & who are now Big Businessmen,leaving besides what all you did to them,will support you if you approach them ,unconditionally.And you know why they will stand besides you in the tough times,not because they want to show pity on you.Its because they are mature enough to ignore your unwelcoming gestures you offered them earlier and they just need a friend who can stand besides in each & every situation,with whom they can share their griefs & sorrows,joy & hapiness,laughs & giggles,and most importantly share a RELATION which is known as TRUE FRIENDSHIP.